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Hi, I'm Selena.

Hi, I'm Selena.

I am a web designer currently based in  Novi Sad, Serbia.
Even though I have a master degree in Tourism management and I was the best student in my generation (I also won a lot of full paid scholarships and awards during those 5 years at faculty) I feel fulfilled only when I create web sites and I think I finally discovered my dream job. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing business in tourism management, I am obsessed with tourism and travelling, moreover my goal and biggest dream is to combine this two loves: TRAVELLING + WEB DESIGN Now it’s clear why I don’t work for some big company and sit in the office from 9 am to 5 pm. Working as a freelancer anywhere I can get Internet access could become my office. That gives me opportunity to travel and change my work place as many time as I want. I just need access to my computer and a reliable internet connection.

I’ve been working as a web designer since 2016. I am working for individuals, small business as well as large companies. I am skilled as a frontend developer. I enjoy creating websites. Every website I develop or work on I treat as it was my own. I love connecting with different clients from all over the world. In situations when I hit the obstacle, I always find someone who can solve a problem

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What to expect when working with me?

I get creative or start making a website for clients after I take some time to fully understand a brand, project.
I focus on making a design that speaks to my client’s audience & code that is fast, secure and clean.
I put a lot of effort to make a successful user experience that will engage customers and keep them involved in the story that is being told.
Is it too much if I say I am a perfectionist?  But, really, I pay attention to details and I don’t like to rush. I always take my time until job is done properly and until my clients are completely satisfied with my work.
I will provide you with a clear estimate of the costs and a list of services which are provided in the web design project.
At the and I am constantly exploring and working on myself, everything in order to get new skills and make more beautiful and functional websites for you.


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I am here to help you to capture your customers attention and bring your business’s story to life
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